In Doveland, recognition is not scarce resources. We understand that people work hard for money but will even go an extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards. To inspire in our children the enthusiasm to work hard, we invent reward systems that applaud the best students from Doveland.

We give them immediate reason to aspire to be the best. In as much as we have contests and competitions that make them stretch themselves, we create parameters to measure other deciders of excellent child both in the place of academics and in morals. We have reward systems like the Writer Wall of Fame, Star of the Week, etc. the most well behaved students, the neatest, etc. it generally encourages them to be the best version of themselves.

We have reports from most parents that their children go home and set up reward system like the ‘’wall of Fame’’ replicating what we have in school. This implies that they enjoy the reward systems that we have in Doveland and even try to create it at home.

We believe in renewal of every of every Doveland child and we piece together every machination to bring it to fruition.