Year 4

As a foundation to upper Primary is a crucial stage for our learners in Doveland.

Year 4 has well trained and cultured professional teachers with years of experience in child education and psychology.

Our children are been exposed to the proper use of technology to enhance their learning while achieving the targets for each unit.

We play and learn through focus on skills mental arithmetic, scientific enquiries skills while teaching so we are not only facilitators but developing skills for living in our little jewels through interactive lessons.

Generally, your child/ward leaves Year 4 ready to face challenges with the confidence of a learner in the jet age.

Welcome on board

Year 5

Is a calm and studious year group; a year to embed all of the knowledge learnt in lower Key Stage 2; a year to start the preparations for transition to college.

This is often the year when children grow in maturity. They gain a greater independence and confidence from being given more responsibility in their learning.

Children in Year 5 are increasingly encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning: to do their homework, to pack their school bag, to remember their PE kits. And they develop and grow as a result.

The children are taught leadership skills and are further exposed to leadership positions through campaigns, manifestos and elections.

Everything is geared towards encouraging independence in preparation for bigger things to come.


Year 6 is the Vanguard of Doveland tasked with skill mastery and consolidation.

We engage our pupils with 21st Century teaching and learning styles coupled with different tech tools. Pupils are exposed to research based learning and project based learning.

The general overview of year 6 includes raising standards

  • In Academic work
  • In Attitude/Behaviour
  • In leadership

Our Action Plan!

  • Demonstrating mastery of skills acquired.
  • Encouraging leadership qualities.
  • Building a culture of self-respect.
  • Quality and rigorous preparations for Entrance Exams into various high schools/colleges.

In conclusion, we offer few subjects with extended teaching and learning time for mastery of the non-negotiables in Mathematics, English, Science, Leadership and ICT.

Year 6 offer a smooth transition into secondary school with a sound and strong foundation for the entire post-primary experience.