Arrival and Assembly

A typical school day starts at 8.00 am but Pupils arrive between 7.00 and 7.50 am and go straight to their classes to meet their class teachers for registration. Most pupils arrive early so that they can be part of the morning drill exercises. These exercises could be verbal and non-verbal reasoning tasks, mental maths drills, or spelling and grammar focus tasks.

Most mornings begin with an assembly at 8.00 in the School Hall or class as the case may be.  This is a time in which we gather together as a community to reflect on important issues in the world around us, to enjoy a class or individual performances, to hear from interesting speakers, and to celebrate students’ achievements. Orchestra, choir, and other musical ensembles also rehearse at this time.

Break Time

There are two 35-minute lessons before the bell goes for morning break at 10.10. Students have time to relax and play with their friends before returning for two more lessons, starting at 10.30. Children are provided with snacks during these times.

Lunch Time

Our lunch break is an hour-long, allowing time not only to eat a good, nutritious meal but also to take part in sports practices, rehearsals, clubs, and activities, or to relax and read a book in the library. There is a big emphasis on dining etiquette and pupils are rewarded for good behavior.

Students return to their classes for afternoon registration at 1.00 pm before going into afternoon lessons. Games and sports fixtures are on Thursdays.

End of Day and Club Activities.

For Early Years Foundation pupils, the day ends at 1.30 pm, except on club days when they finish at 2.30 pm. Some Early Years pupils are offered the After School Care (ASC) facilities; where they are supported with their homework and other intervention opportunities. The ASC ends at 6 pm daily.

A typical primary day ends at 2.30 pm where children take part in after-school clubs and activities, which include Swimming, Art, Football, Homemakers as well as Drama rehearsals, informal concerts, and musical performance classes.


Homework is given to pupils daily to reinforce or consolidate what was taught in class. Numeracy and Literacy are given to pupils every day as part of our drive to ensure children can work independently. Other foundation subjects are added at random over the week. There are Homework Club facilities to support children that might struggle with the task.