Eating is necessary but eating healthy is artful. Giving our children well-furnished clean and organized dining halls go a long way defining their composure when eating during the break period. We have staff dining and students dining, all decent and comfortable.

Our state of the art kitchens is where all the tasty-food-magic happens. We have professional and well trained cooks that prepare our assorted meals. We ensure to keep the cooked foods from our kitchen surprisingly cost effective even as we maintain high hygienic standard and excellent food quality.

All our food is served fresh and never turned over. We serve most of the basic Nigerian dishes fresh and hot. We have baking machines where we make our fresh and delicious pastries which are well packaged for healthy consumption.

We also have well organized Tuck shop(s) where our food is made available for every student and staff. Students and pupils in Doveland International School are not allowed to tender the regular cash when they get food from the tuckshop, they have the Tuckshop voucher which have their respective names on it which give them access to products from the tuckshop.