The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery; and in assisting discovery a teacher affects eternity because he or she can never tell where their influence on the child stops. For this reason, we build a powerful staff strength filled with the passion to impact and raise astute leaders in preparation for the futuristic which is a quick unfolding and diverse society. All our staff are formed from a strategic assortment and maintained by series of training that keep them continually improved and at par with world class teaching capabilities.

Induction of new staff takes a whole week of immense orientation. In this orientation, every department in Doveland International School gets a representative who lectures new staff on how everything functions in his or her department and how it relates to them. The security department also speaks to them as well as the admin. We take a lot of time to build the culture of the school into every fibre in the mind of the new staff.

Our staff are determined and focused on the betterment of every child. We bring up many strategies that keep them undistracted; strategies like providing free crèche in Doveland for their infant children to avoid distraction by call from any other school their children would have attended. By doing this, we keep them close to their children for situations when staff who is a mother may need to attend to personally to her infant child. Apart from such situation, the children are provided with absolute care in our crèche. Essential staff who hold very key positions in our school are provided with accommodation in staff quarters. We keep the mind of our teachers revolving around the development of our learning parameter and we achieve this by making the environment suitable and conducive enough to cater for their focus.

We have processes which are well placed to make sure our staff are well accessed, monitored, evaluated, appraised and well remunerated. Every staff in Doveland International School loves and acres for the children as if it was their own child. Parents have made wonderful reviews about the child-teacher relationship found in Doveland. The staff are so passionate. No matter how worked the may be per time, their passion blankets the stress and makes them enjoy trying out new ways to help the children learn.