Growing stamina, speed, strength and skill is an important part of education. That exciting hope to win in a game creates a lot of aspiration in every child. In Doveland, the child chooses different games and have memorable contests that can be developed further even after graduating from Doveland.

With our well trained coaches for all our games, our children get first-hand tutelage in different sports. We have a massive recreational facility beautifully designed sporting areas for our pupils and students. We also have a standard football field with lush green grass, an adroitly constructed basketball court and a beautiful swimming pool for aquatic sports.

An aerial view into our swimming pool reveals the name ‘’DOVELAND’’ through the clear waters, artfully encrusted in collage on the base of the swimming pool.

In our games, we nurture not only the child’s will to win, but also the child’s will to prepare to win.