The fact that we admit children with special need causes us to excavate the depths of our strength, our tenacity and our resourcefulness to care for them. We do not perceive children with special need as a distraction from important work; we see them as the most important work.

Thusly, we created the Special Education Needs (SEN)/Learning Support Department to provide extra care and an astute learning environment for children with special needs. To achieve academic equity, we run inclusive classes because they may not only assimilate as fast as other children but because they also need special teachers as well as a special curriculum.

Here in SEN/Learning Support Department, we allot extra attention to the discovery and maximization of the children’s strengths. We believe that developing their strengths and ability to a crystallized level will help them interact with other facets of study effectively. As they work on their skills and are reaching excellence, the find more ease branching out and accommodating more information and knowledge in their minds.

In our Special Education Needs/Learning Support Department, we have about 4 corners. The Cognitive Skills Corner, Occupational Therapy Corner, Science Corner and Speech and Language Corner. These are well curated structures that help our children with special needs become public speakers, artists, poem writers, etc. In this department you see many works of these special children on the walls and you’ll be amazed at how well they are trained to become very creative.