Music is a universal language that we teach in Doveland. The music lab produces a very well decorated school choir where sounds are civilized into the synchrony of time and into beautiful tunes that cleanses a child understanding.

Our amazing and well equipped music lab brings an abundance of liveliness to Doveland. The school choir is a group of well-trained music students who come together to sing in different parts. The different parts, in material terms, are alto, soprano, bass, tenor etc.

The music lab also has an orchestra. Here the children professionally play a combination of different musical instruments to form a state of the art orchestra. The students in front of the orchestra play the lead instruments, and yes, we have violinists of about 6 years of age.

The lead instruments are followed by the wood wind instruments which include the saxophone, oboe, recorder, clarinet etc. we do not encourage students below 10 to handle brass instrument because their lungs may not be large enough to power such sounds and for safety purposes, we do not keep them in our music lab.

After the wood wind instruments in the school orchestra, we have the percussion instrument which include the drum sets, the triangle, the maraca and the timbale. We also have the local percussion instrument and we use them when we have cultural events.

The intelligent and charismatic school parade band that plays on the assembly ground, in various occasions that we host, our music lab makes exciting and memorable performance. Occasions like the End of Year Production, Speech and Prize, Christmas Carol and the big event – Cultural day.

All creatives in Doveland International School have inspiring role to play in the cultural day.