When the children in Doveland see a perfect healthcare system as youngsters, they grow up believing the possibility of a society where everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Our devotion to quality healthcare is with a vision geared towards exposing the mind of our future leaders to dependable excellence in clinic implementation and quality care delivery.

We have range of well trained nurses specialised in handling the healthcare needs of children. One section caters for the early years, one for the primary and another for the secondary.

With the COVID19 pandemic, we do our best not to take in and keep for too long children who feel sick or show up with symptoms of illness.

We administer the basic first aid and call on the parent immediately so that the said child can get bespoke or proper care.

During the COVID we set up isolation room for any child who shows symptoms of the virus. It is our first point of action to isolate the child till his or her parents comes over to process the child withdrawal until he or she is hale again.