For every child in Doveland International Schools, our classrooms represent an entrance into a world of exceptional learning and advance schooling, every class in Doveland in has a top-tier international standard which opens up the mind of the child to rich learning culture domesticated with technology.

Firstly, they are all air-conditioned and well ventilated. Students are so comfortable in their well-spaced seats and personal lockers; everyone has a clear view of the teacher when he or she addresses the class. Secondly, every class has internet connectivity and access at the disposal of all students and pupils for research purposes.

We use interactive boards in Doveland International School- in material terms, our teachings are projected on the interactive boards and are handwritten like regular classrooms do so at a tender age, we get the children so conversant with technology- based so as to enable them the knowledge and confidence to contend with any standard of education they meet outside or within the bights of the country. Our school internet is managed by ICT Manager who is Nigeria’s best Robotics Engineer.

Everything is displayed and as it can be because children learn better with the help of pictures. They start to control these interactive board and solve problems displayed on them in their early years. In the early years classes, we proffer a good child-teacher ratio by placing 3 to 4 lead teachers so as to cater for the children that require so much attention, but other classes have one lead teacher per class.